Infinite Human Experiences

Welcome to a reimagined world of electric SUVs. Futuristic design, pulsating performance and dynamic innovation blends with the richness of human emotions. SUVs that are a canvas for the infinite human experiences that shape our world.

Step into a world where the human spirit knows no bounds. Venture into uncharted territories where the extraordinary unfolds.

Next-generation SUVs for the visionaries, the disrupters, the go-getters and the accelerators of change.

Heartcore design

Discover an audacious new design language born from a racing spirit, where dynamics and design meet to set your pulse racing. Exciting proportions, scintillating surfaces, and eye-catching design find inspiration in sustainable solutions, designed in tune with our surroundings.

But design is not just about making you stop in your tracks. Design is an attitude. An unmissable presence. A statement of intent, even at rest. Our design philosophy is Heartcore—hard core SUVs, straight from the heart.

INGLO system



Powerfully human

We call our intelligent neural network of multi-sensory experiences and platform capabilities - INGLO. It is Indian at heart and Global in its reach and the experience it will deliver.

Platform HMI

Truly world-class

With our design centres in the UK and India and our development centres in Chennai, Detroit and Bangalore, we are creating products that will make all your senses come alive.

Our designers and engineers are collaborating with leading experts and global partners. Together we are scaling new peaks, exploring the next impossible.

A world of endless possibilities. To create a whole new destination. Delivering more for you, your family, your tribe and the environment.

2025. It starts here.

Be part of our electrifying journey. To a brighter, bolder, cleaner tomorrow. Be ready.

Looking into the rearview mirror